The EEL* has set up an educational project, starting in March 2020. 

The aims are: 

1. Certified education and training in diagnosis and therapy of endometriosis for professionals in gynaecology with experience in endometriosis following a standardized curriculum.

2. Creating a network of European specialists on endometriosis.

3. Connecting skills of minimally invasive surgery with endometriosis skills.


Who should participate?  

You are already doing surgery on patients with endometriosis, but struggling with severe deep infiltration? You ask yourself how to diagnose the extend of endometriosis in order to prepare an individual treatment approach? You wonder how to treat your patients with adenomyosis and infertility? You wish to implement interdisciplinary solutions for endometriosis in your centre? These and more questions will be answered in the new European Endometriosis Masterclass created by the European Endometriosis League (EEL). The masterclasses will take place in the most spectacular European cities. With its combination of interactive workshops, presentations and live-surgeries the masterclass offers the unique possibility to engross your knowledge and skills in all aspects of endometriosis in three days full of training, exchange and unforgettable experiences. The best European experts will share their ideas on diagnosis and treatment. 


Organizational matters

The number of participants per masterclass is limited to 15 persons/class.



1.000,- Euros including certification, lunches, coffee breaks and social dinner. 

EEL members pay a rate of 850,- Euros.

Please register via the button below. You will receive an invoice via e-mail and your place will be confirmed after we have received your payment. If you wish to become a member to benefit from the lower fee, please apply within the membership section of our website first.

Travel and accomodation

Every participant has to organize travel and accommodation individually.


Dates and organizers

13.-15.01.2021 Duisburg, Germany – H. Krentel, S. Schäfer, D. Salehin, H. Tinneberg, S. Renner, A. Constantin


03.-05.02.2021 Bordeaux, France – H. Roman, B. Merlot, I. Chanavaz-Lacheray

18.-20.03.2021 Bucharest, Romania – E. Bratila, P. Bratila, C. Mehedintu, L. Pirtea

15.-17.04.2021 Budapest, Hungary – A. Bokor, R. Brubel, I. Szabó

21.-23.04.2021 Linz, Austria – P. Oppelt, G. Hudelist, J. Keckstein

13.-15.05.2021 Siena, Italy – E. Zupi, C. Exacoustos, G. Centini, L. Lazzeri

28.-30.05.2021 Istanbul, Turkey – T. Usta, E. Oral


09.-11.09.2021 London, England – S. Khazali, C. Becker, M. Mabrouk, E. Saridogan

23.-25.09.2021 Bern, Switzerland – M. Müller, S. Imboden

Registration link following soon


  • The masterclass will last 2,5 days. 
  • The final exams of all masterclasses (MCQ´s) are similar. The certification can be obtained with 80 % correct answers. 
  • Content: presentations, live-ultrasound, live-surgery, workshops, exam


Day 1 / 8 am to 5 pm

8 am – 12 am              Surgery in 3 OR´s – 

The participants enter to the OR (if possible, otherwise, transmission into meeting room)

Two additional experts will be present during the surgical procedure in order to discuss the cases and the surgical steps and decisions with the participants. 

Incl. Instruments and techniques

Surgeries e.g.: 

  • Moderate endometriosis with infertility
  • Severe deep infiltrating endometriosis (e.g. bowel)
  • Ovarian endometriosis

12 am – 1 pm              Lunchbreak / Meet the expert / Contact with the industry

1 pm – 2 pm               Postsurgical conference on the presented cases and discussion of pre- and postsurgical procedures and decisions

2pm – 5 pm                Presentations

  • Anatomy of the pelvic retroperitoneum 
  • Pathogenesis of endometriosis
  • Clinical diagnosis of endometriosis
  • Transvaginal ultrasound in DIE and adenomyosis
  • Indications for MRI
  • Hysteroscopy in endometriosis and adenomyosis 


Day 2 / 8 am to 5 pm             

8 am – 12 am             Presentations 

    • Surgical solutions in peritoneal endometriosis
    • Surgical solutions in ovarian endometriosis
    • Surgical solutions in DIE I (Colon, Rectum, Vagina)
    • Surgical solutions in DIE II ( Bladder and Ureter) 
    • Point of view colorectal surgeon
    • Point of view urologist
    • Management of surgical complications
    • Rehabilitation after complex endometriosis surgery

12 am – 1 pm             Lunchbreak and contact with the industry

1 pm – 3 pm               Live-Transvaginal ultrasound session in DIE and adenomyosis

3 pm – 4 pm               Interdisciplinary case presentation and ENZIAN classification

4 pm – 5 pm               Interpretation of MRI in endometriosis and adenomyosis

7 pm – 10 pm             Dinner


Day 3 / 8 am to 3 pm             

8 am – 11 am Presentations 

  • Medical treatment options in endometriosis 
  • Complementary treatment in endometriosis
  • Endometriosis and infertility
  • Treatment options in adenomyosis
  • Endometriosis associated malignancy
  • The future of endometriosis therapies

11 am – 12 am          Case presentation and development of treatment approaches

12 am – 1 pm            Lunchbreak and contact with the industry

1 pm – 2 pm              Workshop on adhesions in endometriosis

2 pm – 3pm               Exam and certificates


* © Krentel, H., Schäfer, S., Salehin, D., Exacoustos, C., Oral, E.; Renner, S.,  Bokor, A., Roman H., Tinneberg, H.,  Keckstein, J. 2019

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